How Ben's Buckets are made

All of our materials to make Ben's Buckets are sourced from local markets in town centre, Nairobi, Kenya. They are then thoughtfully crafted into our products by our partner factories across Nairobi.

All products are then packaged and shipped to our facility in the Uk, where we process and send out your individual orders from.


One of my aims when I started Ben's Buckets was to ensure that we always followed the slow fashion movement. As a result we produce our hats in batches, aiming to never overproduce and minimise waste.

I was once told a fact that the fashion industry produces a pile of waste that is the height of Everest every week!! I aim to ensure that none of my products add to that pile!

I have been very careful selecting the parter factories that I work with to ensure they believe in and are striving towards the same values that I believe are important.

Being a developing nation, the minimum wage in Kenya is extremely low! As a result, we believe in paying good wages, allowing everyone involved in the process to be able support themselves and others dependant on them. We also believe in gender equality in the work space. As a result we have ensured that our partner factories have an equal balance of male and female tailors.

We are also working hard to minimise the fabric waste that our factories produce, and so are currently developing new kinds of packaging for our products using our fabric scraps.

If you would like to hear more about our manufacturing feel free to reach out and one of the team can give you more infomation.